Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Just love the new Fairview brie and camember packaging. Nothing gets better than great cheese and great design in one! :)

" Two of our most popular Jersey milk cheeses, Fairview Brie and Fairview Camembert have recently received something of a facelift. The rebranding exercise was done to coincide with the release of our upgraded recipe. Traditional Brie and Camembert require about three to four weeks of ripening before they are at their softest and tastiest. Before that they have a chalky texture and rather bland taste. Our new recipe means we can offer cheeses that are ‘Not too firm and not too runny’ . They are ripe and ready for eating from the time they arrive on the retail shelf, but retain that classic savoury flavour. As we say at Fairview - ‘Chalk is Cheap!’ " From the Fairview Blog

Check out and vote for the new packaging here.

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