Thursday, 7 May 2009

Adidas Confederations Cup Campaign

This campaign makes me of so happy. It's graphic design that REALLY does the job, saying it in the tone that South African should be saying it... Good job TBWA/HUNT/LASCARIS

"On the streets Africa, from Cape Town to Kinshasa, from Lagos to Mombasa, the true measure of fame is having a haircut named after you on a barbershop sign. The streets are full of ‘The Obama’, ‘The Oprah’ and ‘The Denzel.’ This ubiquitous barbershop signage is an African art form or African graphic art with its na├»ve renderings and pragmatic use of wood, metal and any material that is close at hand.

To celebrate the Confederation’s Cup being played for the first time on African soil, adidas commissioned a series of ‘barbershop’ artworks that honour their galaxy of stars like Gerrard, Messi, Kaka and Pienaar. A ‘cut’ was created for each player according to their skill. So, ‘The Kaka’ is all about dribbling skills while ‘The Gerrard’ is about powerful strikes. Essentially, we Africanised international players.

The word Kopanya is a South African word for ‘together’, which effectively makes this artwork an African interpretation of adidas’ global advertising position of “together I am strong.” Kopanya is also the name of the official adidas ball, that will be used at the Confed Cup." via

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