Thursday, 15 October 2009

FNB plays it home-style

First National Bank's ‘Customer Game' - which rewards customers for card transactions, ATM withdrawals, as well as online banking services with double tickets to the 2010 FIFA World Cup - presented communications partner, Draftfcb Impact, with a major challenge: how to officially announce as many as 1,000 winners on a quarterly basis.

The solution was a mix of far-reaching print media in the form of the national Sunday newspapers, and beautifully illustrated double, double page inserts. Vibrant and eye-catching, these drew on South African iconography, popular culture and local artistic influences to demonstrate First National Bank's Proudly South African status and highlight its commitment to the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

For example, the beaded ‘love letter' execution plays on the popular tradition, conveying the passion felt by soccer fans. Winners' names were placed in miniature love letters inside the spread. The ‘KUDUZELA®' execution develops the look even further - FNB's distinctive new crowd pleaser (a vuvuzela moulded in the shape of a kudu horn) functions as a cornucopia from which tumbles a feast of soccer imagery, intermingled with popular slang, treated typographically to give it true local flavour.

Issued by DraftFCB.

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