Thursday, 14 January 2010

Birthday Prep

My mom is turning 55 tomorrow and I decided that you're never too old to get a cake and presents - even though, 55 in the grand scheme of things really isn't old! ;o)

I decided to do my first recipe from my favourite new cookbook - Shiny Happy People

Chocolate Cheese Cake - The recipe says you have to make a cake the day before - and so I did.

Doing the crusty bit

Quality control taste tests are very important...

Mixing it up...

I did a quick typographic design { With my mom's name and the big 55 } that I printed on A3 brown paper for some custom gift wrapping :D I think it works brilliantly!

Miemie - my assistant...

And this is the final product...

Can't wait for tomorrow! YAH!


  1. Oh my goodness, the paper is divine!

    My mom's b-day is the day after yours.

  2. Thanks dear :) I had such fun making it!

    Small world we live in.


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