Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Blackheart Gang & The Tale of How

The Blackheart Gang - A Cape Town Based trio of Animators, known for their Tale of How has brought out the Tale of How Book. I first saw this animation in 1st or 2nd year and I thought how wonderfully strange. They also spoke at last years' Design Indaba, and they made quite an impression on me in terms of how they just really do work that is super personal to them. Yet again another example of people doing it for themselves. Since then they've done work for Pepsi and United Airlines. Have a look here

"If we were to imagine that a coffee table was a person, then the Tale of How coffee table book should be considered to be some sort of fabulous wig or magical hat that the above-mentioned person could wear out to parties and things. Theses Parties will probably share very little resemblance to your average “birthday-cake-and-balloon” jobs.

The Tale of How is a bitter dark fantasy. Following the success of the Tale of How animation, The Blackheart Gang finally got round to finish the final stage of the project by creating a coffee table book. The 40 page book includes a DVD with the animation, the print series and a biography of the author and the never before heard account of how the Blackheart gang murdered the above mentioned author and stole his story." The Tale of How Book

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