Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Mobile Boutique

I LOVE this idea - a sure thing for the "to-do list" when in Cape Town next!

{ From The Mobile Boutique } The concept is simple: every Friday night the Old Biscuit Mill transforms into a world of fashion, style and design. The focus is on building South African brands in a social environment. A thoroughly enjoyable and safe night shopping experience in the most beautiful city in the world.

The Mobile Boutique (TMB) is a new and innovative concept which has been designed as an upmarket mobile retail event that accommodates 48 young fashion designers (Paige Smith, Amanda Laird Cherry, Guillemette & Melodie, Pseudonym, MatBlac, Darkie and Golden Monkey to name a few). TMB’s greatest motivation is giving new and upcoming designers the opportunity to present and market their own unique labels to the public, without having the restrictive overheads of commercial retail space. Established brands are intermingled amongst the fresh faces, creating greater brand exposure for all.

The fashion designers are able to display their garments and merchandise in a custom designed display area, with fitting rooms. Each stand is identically sized to ensure that every designer gets equal exposure, irrespective of market status.

TMB aims to be the leader in innovative and creative design with the concept of an upmarket, mobile retail store.

Spearheaded by Andrew Clarke, a local designer of considerable renown, TMB is the culmination of years of hard work within all facets of the fashion industry as well as his passion regarding all that is, and defines South African design.

Andrew believes that by mentoring and supplying practical business advice, TMB will be able to transform raw design talent into formidable, business savvy, South African brands that will excel on the international stage. The affiliated job creation and injection of energy into the local fashion industry will encourage the sustainability and growth of the concept around the country.

The Mobile Boutique will be held every Friday night from 6pm – 11pm at The Old Biscuit Mill. To see extra trading dates, visit our website at: www.themobileboutique.co.za. TMB will be trading during the Festive season.

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