Monday, 11 January 2010

Once Upon a time - in 2D land

In honour of my childhood obsession with Disney animation, which has subsequently turned into and adult obsession with Disney animation, I’ll be doing a Disney Princess Profile leading up to the latest offering from Disney – The Princess and the Frog. (Which only opens in our Namibia Cinema on Feb 8th.)

In a world where 3D reigns supreme, The Princess and the Frog does a more than AMAZING 2D come back – and I think that’s partly why I’m so drawn to it – no pun intended. It reminds me of that nostalgic by-gone era of childhood when you sang along, at the top of your lungs, while seated on the floor, right in front of the TV.

The Princess and the Frog has been nominated for several awards already, including TIME MAGAZINE’S Top 10 of Everything in 2009 – making the number 1 movie spot:

"In time-honored Disney fashion, the movie offers a princess in the making, wishes made upon a star, the death of a major character and some well-earned tears to salt the spectator's smiles. For those who thought that 2-D had become the sole preserve of Japanese master Hayao Miyazaki (who returned to form with his sea fable, Ponyo), Musker and Clements proved that the number of dimensions don't matter; it's the animating spirit you bring to them."

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