Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Pink and Gold

I was very upset to discover that my purple pashmina was stolen on the plane when I returned from Cape Town 2 weeks ago! WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING? Someone with good taste I reckon... Well as I told the cabin attendant, I shall just have to go get a new one - and so I did. Then I realised that pink and gold has subconsciously become my favorite colour combination - for now at least. I've bought three items in the last month that are all pink and gold.

Pink Pashmina and necklace from the Woolies Christmas range and a porcelain plate from @HOME's latest range. How great is the tiny floral detail?!

*Sadly the purple pashmina was last seen in the small town of Darling on the West Coast of South Africa - keeping me warm.

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  1. Pink is your colour, maybe it was rebelling against the purple?

    Still, who steals a pashmina *sigh* Someone stole that blazer I always wore with the badges last year. I guess the thieves are now becoming trendy. At least design is have some sort of impact!?!


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