Monday, 1 February 2010


Cinderella has to be my second favourite Disney film after Sleeping Beauty. There's a certain story book illustration quality to the film that I really love and the characters are great. Especially Lady Tremaine - one of the best villians ever, who's voiced by Eleanor Audley. (She is also the voice of Maleficant in Sleeping Beauty). I still remember her stiff grey up-do, creepy green eyes and chiseled features!

There are so many memorable scenes that combine animation, song and character that make this film quintessentially Disney. My favourites are the Mouse Worker scenes, showing the mice creating a dress for Cinderella and the Fairy-God Mother working her magic to Bibidi-bobidi-boo.

But my most vivid childhood memory of Cinderella has to be the intro-sequence. It always created such a sense of anticipation for me. I've had a look at it again and I think that it has to be the combination of illustration, colour and type that caught my eye all those years ago.

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