Tuesday, 21 September 2010

MobiPay launches in Namibia

It always refreshing and motivating to see that Namibia is keeping with the times as well as technology.

Today MobiPay was launched in Namibia, which basically is a mobile payment solution licensed and authorised by Bank of Namibia.

According to The Human Development Indices, half of the Namibian population live below the poverty index, granted though that "Namibia has the second-lowest population density of any sovereign country, after Mongolia."

This is a super fantastic initiative allowing users to
1. Transfer money
2. Buy cellphone airtime and
3. Buy prepaid electricity -- all from one cell phone user to another!

With so many Namibians being unbanked and who could hardly afford banking fees but who somehow mostly own cell phones, this is just the most logical yet innovative solution ever! I commend this and the logo aint that bad either!

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