Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Mail day Brooklyn Surprise

My friend Natali likes to write about mail days, and I like to read about mail days while feeling a little envious...hehe Only because I know how SUPER COOL it is to receive something in the post. There's something gratifying about waiting for a package or letter to arrive especially in this WANT NOW WANT NOW world of ours.

So my mail day arrived today :) I've waited about 4 weeks but my sketchbook from the arthouse co-op Sketchbook Project 2011 in Brooklyn, New York have finally arrived!

The idea is to order a blank sketchbook, fill the pages with a theme, mine is secret codes, and mail it back, where it becomes part of a travelling exhibition and eventually permanent exhibition at the Brooklyn Art Library. You and anyone can join in too - have a look here.


  1. Happy mail day Tanya! And Brooklyn is probably one of the best days to get mail from. They have little bookstores with wooden postcards ♥

  2. I just signed up and will be anxiously awaiting mine. YAY!

  3. It's such a brilliant idea! I hope to see some of your work soon :)

  4. I just received my sketchbook in the mail here in northern Italy - YIPEE! (It took over 2 weeks to arrive).

  5. Hi Carla! It's so great hearing from people all around the world. Thanks for dropping by :) Enjoy your sketch book project!

  6. Excited for you...mine arrived today!!! Yay, to the east coast of Australia!

  7. isn't it exciting?
    i'm working on mine now.....


  8. Some months have gone by since receiving and sending back to art house. I went ent last weekend and going again this Sunday-last day. Take a look at my blog-photos and experience at the Brooklyn Library. http://margemalwitz.blogspot.com/
    Tag is: Brooklyn Art Library.


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