Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Pink Party

October is International Breast Cancer Awareness month. On Saturday a few of my lovely friends decided to organise a Pink Party in aid of the Cancer Association of Namibia as well as to create a little awareness. The Cancer Association was wonderfully supportive while we nursed my Oupa with cancer at home – so its been really important for me to help in return where I can.

The idea was to bring something yummy to eat as well as a donation. I adore baking and wanted to make something special for the party, so queue the handmade craft and cooking!

I was delighted to hear, that by the end of the night, we raised N$ 1550! To top it off my friends surprised me with a bottle of Blush Brut Sparkling Wine as a token for the cupcakes :)

Here are a few picies of the entire process and the party. You can find the recipe for red velvet cupcakes, now dubbed as the pink ladies, from Joy the Baker’s blog.
(I adapted the icing recipe a little)

Nothing like Helvetica on Packaging

Fluffy icing

Wax paper for the tray



  1. Those are gorgeous! The Pink Party (and Pink Ladies) will have to be a tradition from now on.

    Beautiful photos too, Tanya :)

  2. Thank you Natali! It was so much fun putting this all together from beginning to end :) I'll save you a pink lady next time!

  3. Stunning, as always a Tanya design triumph :) Pink is your colour :)


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