Monday, 29 November 2010

30 for 30 | Day 16 | Help!

Another beautiful weekend! Thank you to my favourite people Mel, Norita, Mr Phil, D♥ and Quintin Tarintino. lol

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? A big thank you shout out to Elisabeth from Mission:Closet for her lovely mention. Remix loving!

Right! 30x30 remix confession time.

1. I went out on Friday night and the rain came down - in - well - biblical proportions to put it lightly. I had to wear my waterproof boots. Didn't want to spoil my suede heels. Please don't judge me... ;-) I did pair them with my floral tunic, which I wore with black tights and a belt.

2. I'm attending a fashion show on Thursday night - YAH! SUPER EXCITED... but I don't quite think my 30x30 remix items are going to cut it. Sad face. I've got the perfect lil' dress in my regular wardrobe though... Advice? Thoughts? Suggestions? Help!

Here's today remix:

1. Knit shrug
2. Print dress, RT @Mr Price... I wore this dress on my birthday.
3. Jeggings, Free 2BU @Edgars
4. Peep toe flats, Luella

Accessories: Earrings Mr Price. Ring, Foschini.


  1. You are going strong girl, well done! I'm sure one of your outfits will be just lovely x

  2. I love this outfit! Especially the peep toes! You look fabulous...and your kitty cat is very cute, too!

  3. This is such a fab outfit! Love the dress :)


  4. hmmmm... perhaps a little cheating? haha! i dont know what to say, i mean if you just cant wear any of your pieces, why restrict yourself right?

    plus you look so cute! love the shoes!


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