Tuesday, 9 November 2010

30 for 30 | Day 2 | Universal Love

Today's been SUCH a wonderful day! It's like the Universe said: "Hey you, Tanya, how about a lil' goodness!?" And boy did the goodness role out!

I had a presentation, with the agency, to one of our more esteemed clients today... of the legal persuasion you might say. So I had to look the part. And indeed I did. Here's today's 30x30:

1. Floral print shirt dress, Kelso @Edgars
2. Patent leather belt, Woolworths
3. Skinny Jeans, Woolworths (Best fit ever!!)
4. Black suede heals, Leather Collection @Luella

Accessories: Black rose earrings, gift. Cocktail ring, YDE. Necklace worn as bracelet, Identity. Handbag, LancĂ´me

I'm happy to report that our clients loved the work!

The second point of Universal love, is that my kid sis was featured on Good Hope FM this evening, in an interview to promote her charity event that she's organised in aid of The Sunflower Fund. The Sunflower Fund is an NGO/Non profit that raises funds for bone marrow testing, transplants and leukemia sufferers. She spoke SO WELL and I'm very very proud of her!

If you're in Cape Town this Saturday, make a turn at the EWXC (Enduro World X Country Series) taking place at Zone 7 on the N7 to Malmesbury. Email here for more info Proceeds go to The Sunflower Fund

And the final bit but most certainly not least...

I entered a Henry Lloyd give-away a little while ago from Glossary Girl, who has become one of my favourite bloggers ever ever ever! She has such an eye for detail and I LOVE her photographs :) Check her out here.

To my surprise and delight, I won this gorgeous Amber Jacket courtesy of Henri Lloyd! What a lovely brand! And for the universal goodness... the lovely package arrived today! Weeeeeeee! This jacket IS SO FABULOUS that it deserves a blog post of its very own, so I don't want to give away just too much yet! But Mimi cat very much approves!

Hope the Universe is sending you some love too today... xx


  1. Mimi seal of approval. Luverly jacket, I must say, it will get much use in Berlin; I bet! :D

  2. I love the little tag you are putting on your 30 for 30 challenge outfits. It's so much more creative than my boring numbers in a fun script! - Katy

  3. accessories really do make the outfit and I love them all!
    Ring *bling* :-)
    and what great heels and bag, classic and modern!

  4. Tres cute dress! A great remix item.

  5. Everyone's comments have been so lovely! Thank you ladies :)

  6. Hello fellow 30for30-er! So glad I found your blog - it's adorable!

    Looking forward to following along.


  7. Love the outfit, especially the belt & shoes! And that new jacket looks fabulous! Bet you can't wait to wear it!

  8. Gorgeous tunic. And I really like the 30/30 graphic you made up. Very cool!

    Follow @UnraveldTreads on Twitter!

  9. Oh YAY!!!!! YOU LOOK AWESOME!!! So glad you are doing this xox


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