Friday, 12 November 2010

30 for 30 | Day 5 | Local is lekker

There's a South African expression that goes: Local is lekker. It's a bit lost in translation but it means that local is good. And it refers to supporting, promoting, celebrating and enjoying the things that are local to you. Whether it's food, design, music, a band or even a specific kind of lifestyle.

I think that currently people are trending towards celebrating what local to them. With a world of mass production it's important to celebrate handmade, locally made and even old made new again. The 30x30 remix challenge is a testament to that trend. What do you think? Do you have a local independent designer that you love? Maybe a really cool crafter with an Etsy shop?

Liz, a fellow remixer got me thinking about all of this yesterday with her "The bee's knees" post. She accessorized with some beautiful bangles made from old telephone wire. Go have a look.

Here's today's local is lekker remix:

1. Black fitted T, Identity
2. Striped maxi dress worn as skirt, In Charge @Mr Price
3. White lace-up peep toes, Luella

Local is lekker accessories: Engraved recycled PVC bangles locally made, Namibian Craft Center. Ostrich shell and beaded necklace handcrafted by ArtiSan. Alice band, Woolworths.

For some more local craft posts go here.

And I promise to post my actual 30 items this weekend. Seesh...

Happy Friday! xx


  1. I think that handmade items always add something unique to an outfit. I love wearing original pieces of art...I love going to craft fairs and what not...I also have an Etsy shop, and make alot of things for my blog (DIY projects) because I think other people love learning how to make something new!
    Your shoes are soooo cute!

  2. Thanks for the shout out Tania :) I LOVE your local jewelery and your dress and your shoes and just everything! I try to shop local whenever I can, especially at boutiques in San Francisco that carry local designers and jewelry. However, I also love to buy fair trade items from all over the world. I have another pair of African bracelets that will make an appearance on my blog soon. Have a great weekend!

  3. i feel you on supporting local. though globalization has brought brands like Forever 21 and Mango and Zara to where I"m from, I still try to support local brands like Bayo and Folded and Hung and Bench. It's always nice to have things from where you're from.

    love the outfit. the skirt is gorgeous and the bangles are beautiful :) awesome remix as always

  4. Tanya, you are rocking 30 for 30 girl. LOVING these posts!

  5. cute! i love how you always have the shoes/accessories pic :)

  6. I totally agree that there is a trend toward local, natural, handmade goods and I love it. I also love that people are getting creative with what they have or thrifting and making something new.

    This Christmas (as with prior years) I'm trying to have all my gifts come from local or small businesses. I like feeling like I'm supporting someone who took time and energy into make something rather than something mass produced.


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