Monday, 15 November 2010

30 for 30 | Day 8 | Singing in the rain

Hey Monday! We've had 8 days of remixing and I'm sure we can all agree, we'll never look at our wardrobes in the same way. There's been such a flood of inspiration from all the blogs I've visited and everyone has been so wonderful with their comments. I feel like I've met so many of you in person by reading your posts each day ♥

A big thank you to Katy, from ModlyChic for featuring me on her Favourite New Blogs list! I feel so honoured!

It's been raining buckets and I LOVE IT! It hardly rains here, so when we do get rain, we dance in it! Namibians have even been known to drive to rivers to watch them run! What do you expect from an arid country?! ;-)

The other reason why I love the rain SO MUCH is that I get to wear my brand new Henri Lloyd jacket that I won from Glossary Girl's blog. Whoop whoop. Read about it here.

I know strictly speaking it isn't part of the 30 items but Kendi did say the rules don't include jackets and coats for super cold weather - and in my case rain. So my new jacket has had a proper introduction to what its meant for - getting wet :)

1. Black fitted T, worn underneath, Identity
2. Knitted top, RT @Mr Price
3. Denim jeggings, Free 2BU @Edgars
4. Mock suede green pumps, Oasis @Foschini

Accessories: Necklace, Sas Diva. Supersizeing, Foschini. Earings, gift.

This jacket has been treated with oil and wax, based on an old English sailors' method for waterproofing clothing. Brilliant!

Snuggly warm lining - great attention to detail!

"I'm singing in the rain, just signing in the rain... what a glorious feeling I'm happy again..." Hope your Monday's been nifty so far.


  1. You are so flippin stylish girl!

  2. So pretty and cheery in the rain (would I be too if I had such a precious knitted top?)


  3. That umbrella is adorable! Congrats on winning that fab raincoat.

  4. what a great umbrella! I've been coveting one with peacock feathers printed on it!

    and that raincoat is simply fantastic!

  5. That knit top perfectly complements your super fun umbrella! And I love the new jacket!

  6. love your look head to toe!! that jacket looks awesome too!

  7. see! rain is useful for something too! haha :D i feel you. I'm glad it's ~colder now so i can wear my jackets. haha.

    you look so cute and happy as always. i love how you photograph! always so smiley!

    and i'm with you. i will never see my wardrobe the same way again! here's to the rest of the remix!

  8. this sweater is awesome. great outfit!


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