Tuesday, 16 November 2010

30 for 30 | Day 9 | Tight squeeze

YAH for tights! This has to be one of the best inventions EVER! Textures, colours, patterns, chunnky knits or sexy nudes, they add instant jazz to any outfit. Plus you can brave the winter cold, without having to live in jeans and pants all season long. The perfect example of Form meets Function.

With the rainy weather on my side of the world, I've been able to do a bit of a winter's twists in the last two remixes. Here's today's with - Yip, you've guessed it TIGHTS!

1. Black fitted top, Woolworths
2. Gray waterfall waist coat, WWW @Foschini
3. Denim Jacket Free 2BU @Edgars
4. Striped pleated skirt, Free 2BU @Edgars (I haven't worn this skirt in over a year but the little voice said include it in the 30 items.)
5. Red suede T-bar pumps, Woolworths

Accessories: Tights, Mr Price. Earrings and bangle, gifts. Felt flower broach, Woolworths. Red blets, fastened together as one... can't remember where they're from.

In celebration of day 9, here are 9 lovely ladies with 9 great coloured tights worn in their remixes! Go have a look...

From Left to right:
Virginie's Cinema * Mode Moods * Sofull Sista * Dwelling & Telling * Kendi Everyday * Maybe Someday We'll be Smarter * Required2BeInspired * Pixie in Pumps * A reason to be fabulous.


  1. I love how colored tights add a pop to your outfit without being overly gaudy. Very pretty! And the ladies you mentioned did a great job, too!

    Follow @UnraveldTreads on Twitter!

  2. Tights are a God given gift, and so much confier than pants! Remixers are sharing the LOVE :)

  3. I always love the fun details in your outfits!! The pops of red are sooo fun...and the bright blue tights are amazing!
    Thanks for showing off my tights too!!

  4. Today you and Kate both have hit on things in your blog post that I am wearing. It makes me chuckle. I think we are long lost besties.

    Clearly, I have on fun tights today. Stayed tuned for my post tomorrow!

  5. love the bright tights!! (and thanks for sharing my pic!)!! the bright blue and red looks amazing together!!

  6. I'm truly obsessed with your style and blog now. You have such great pieces and you layer them perfectly. I'm definitely one of your new followers! :)

  7. I love your moto jean jacket! And this tights roundup is so fun.

  8. girl, i love how you mix things up. you just have a way with remixing. it feels so natural on you.

    love the tights with the heels. fun! and lovely!

  9. Great outfit. Love the blue tights and red shoes. Thanks for featuring me. I'll be spreading the blogger love soon. :)

  10. so here I am swooning over your outfit...and I see myself among the 9 featured ladies. thank you, so sweet.

  11. awe! You're so sweet to feature me in this group of lovely ladies!

    I love your fun color combinations in this outfit! So daring!


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