Monday, 8 November 2010

30 x 30 | Day 1 | Moody blues

Right, day 1 of the 30x30 closet remix challenge has begun. Getting ready this morning went off without a hitch and I could seriously get used to this :)

Today's ensemble includes:

1. Blue vest, RT @Mr Price.
2. 3/4 denim jacket, Free 2BU @Edgars
3. Black sun dress, Woolworths aka Marcs and Spencer
4. Gift from my gran, vintage
5. Black studded sandals, Free 2BU @Edgars
6. Accessories: Golden belt, thrifted. Indian bracelets, collected over time. Brass earnings, Accessorize Monsoon.

A big thanks to Liz for taking the pics! It still feels a little awkward/ narcissistic posing like this :)
Hope to get used to it soon.

Off to art class, hope you're Monday hasn't been too blue. xx


  1. This is such a great idea and you look great Tanya!

    Nice photies Liz ;)

  2. i love your denim jacket, it's not the usual :) i realize i don't have one. :) awesome first day!

  3. you look great girl, okay will keep a look out for this, looks like fun!! might try it out aswell

  4. I LOVE how you labeled the 1/30 with that badge - adorable. And that little bag is too cute!

  5. Desiree and Kendra, thank you SO MUCH for your lovely comments ladies. Hope you're loving the remixing as much as me!

  6. AWESOME AWESOME!!!! A local (well local enough) 30 for 30 x


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