Monday, 22 November 2010

Birthday Girl - Part II

My amazingly talented friend, Caroline, took these photographs on my birthday... I couldn't have dreamt they'd be this wonderful! So much talent my friend!

Check out Caroline's blog Carography here. If you ever need a photographer, she does some AMAZING freelance work too ;-)

Dinner... with cheese - you can never have too much cheese.

You're never too old to get the Happy Birthday song...

Magic candles... they let you make about 5 wishes...

Vanilla and coconut cupcake with orange chocolate icing...

Tina's wrapping paper doubles as practising my German

My darling friend the beautiful Nora

EUROS FOR BERLIN!! Yes please... what a surprise :)

Beautiful Ethiopian multi-coloured scarf from Tina

More picies to follow soon...


  1. These are adorable. You look so happy!

  2. I love how these pictures document pure joy!!

  3. Oh those are such cute pics!

  4. wow, stunning photos. thanks so much for sharing your lovely birthday evening.

  5. what beautiful photos! it will be very special for you to look back at these.

  6. SUCH pretty photos. What a gorgeous birthday girl!

  7. Just looking at these images again makes me realise I should really pursue my photography more! Thank you for the kinds words and posting them - I will push more and fear less :)


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