Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Summer Exhibition at Fresh 'n Wild

The Villige has to be one of my favourite spaces in Windhoek. It has a familiar charm about it, combining an old German manor house with eco friendly modern architecture. This is the epitome of Windhoek for me, structures of yesteryear married with new. The Village includes office space, design studios, accommodation and the oh so yummy Fresh 'n Wild café, often frequented by me on a Friday afternoon. Lizzy and I stopped by last week to lap up some summer sunshine and peruse through the Mid-Summer Exhibition of crafts and lovely bits...

Giant Baobab wire tree.

Turquoise statement necklace and silk throws

Summer foliage inside The Village courtyard

Wire hearts and lilly pads

Metal spice tajines and pottery


You can read more about The Village via VISI.

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