Wednesday, 1 December 2010

30 for 30 | Day 18 | Ehrm yeah...

My beautiful remix friend Liz is suffering from Writer's Blog... Blog block. It's a Bloggy Blog world... ... I think it might just be contagious... What do I say?! Ehrmmm, well... maybe... like... yah. Nothing... Time for a holiday maybe?...

Here are some pics to make of for my loss of words...

White shirt, Charter Club @Edgars. Maxi Dress @Mr Price. Flats, FREE 2BU @Edgars. Earrings gift from Spain. Nacklace, one of my fave, Congolese craft market.


  1. gorgeous! love that multi-color necklace on your white shirt and long stripey skirt...basically the whole outfit, go figure.

  2. Looks like writers block is contagious!

  3. Your necklace and belt are so great. And you know I'll never get over your cute striped maxi dress!

  4. omg! I looove this outfit!

    You know what I love about your style? It's so perfectly whimsical & carefree! And that translates to fabulous outfits every time!

    that necklace is great!

  5. love the necklace's colors and how they stand out from the dress! gorgeous

  6. girl, you are too good. LOVE the pics, header and overall YOU-ness of this blog! yeah yeah!


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