Monday, 6 December 2010

30 x 30 | Day 20 | Nostalgia

I got the loveliest compliment yesterday about my style...'s a little bit of old mixed with a little bit of new...♥

Thinking about it, it's actually a pretty accurate summation. I've never been one to subscribe to trends 100%. I take what I like and re-invent with what I already own. The last few days of the 30x30 remix challenge will be testament to that, as I'm kind of running out of ideas now... Feeling the same?

My 14 year old doggie, Wollie

Today will be a DOUBLE post with Friday and Monday's remix :-)


  1. I really like the red + black combo! And that belt is fantastic!

    26 and Counting

  2. Thank Liz :) I stole the belt from my maxi dress. How's your day been on the other side of the pond?


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