Thursday, 2 December 2010

30 x 30 | Round up

Here's a round up of my 30x30 remix challenge so far.

A few things I've learnt:

1. Accessories are your friend! I've seen this time and again. They can make a single outfit look completely different.

2. How you wear your clothes matters too. Wearing dresses as skirts, skirts as dress, tucking in, tucking out...

3. Have fun, experiment - you might just be surprised. The combinations are pretty much endless.

4. Resisting the shopping urge is actually pretty easy :-P

5. My favourite - There are some pretty amazing women out in the world doing their thing! I'm very happy to be connected with them through this great challenge. New Friends! Liz, Elisabeth, Ashley, Katy, Natasha, Patty, Alessandra, Brooke and Mrs. J YAH :)

Liz and Melissa, thank you for taking my pics with so much patience!

So... any favourites? (I think there are about 4 additional remixes that I didn't photograph over the weekends...)I need to remix the yellow dress again :)


  1. You looks so pretty in all of these! But I really like your black and white day!

  2. I'm not even participating in this challenge but I'm learning a lot too just by reading other blogs!

    I love the Day 7 I believe with the blue skirt!! and the one with the umbrella :)

  3. Awww! thanks for the shout-out. I think so far I like day 4 and day 13 the best! Good luck on finishing off the challenge - these are the most difficult days. - Katy

  4. thanks and likewise, my dear!

    From the first batch, n. 5 and from the second n. 18...but boy, was it hard to pick. You are doing an amazing job and inspire me with your use of color and patterns. So happy to have "met" you through this challenge.

  5. I love all your outfits...they're all so fun, and chic!
    I agree with you on everything you learnt! This remixing challenge was seriously the best thing I ever did...I'm almost going to be a bit bnummed when it's over because I'm going to have quite a few combos left over!

    Make sure you enter my handmade belt giveaway!

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  7. Awwww...Thank you so much for the shout-out! I'm so happy to count you as a new friend!! I'm going to be really sad when everything ends, but at least I have connected with so many great people!!

    You will probably hear this all day, but it would be impossible to choose a favorite look. Because you have such a wonderful and unique style that I wouldn't want to choose one. I feel like each look is different and brings it's on flavor. ;)

  8. I totally agree with you on the accessorie thing. I've found that scarves,pins, belts are the best right now, they can completely change up an outfit. I've also become a fan of the dress tuck. Who knew you could get so many awesome outfits out of just tucking your dress into a skirt!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  9. accessories are our friend. you look great girl! 12 more dayssssss


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