Sunday, 12 June 2011

Berlin Berlin

Where do I start? I suppose that the beginning would be a good place.

I started doing the Artist Way a few month ago and subsequently my life has changed into an amazing, wonderful syncronistic, beautiful experience. I feel blessed and grateful to be alive everyday!

Apologies for my silence but it's been a wonderful full journey lately... but here goes in a nut shell:

I have met my wonderful love Mark, I resigned my first real job and I'm currently living in Berlin till September, in a gorgeous apartment, as part of an all expenses paid artist residency. Yes life is that good! :)

What can I say about Berlin that hasn't been said before! It's a fantastic city filled with bicycles, coffee and cultures of the world! You can find anything and everything here and yet there's still a certain intimacy about it. I stay right next to a canal with lush trees and should I want it, the hustle and bustle of the city is a 10 minute train drive away.

As the 'Based in Berlin' exhibition opens I reflect on my own 'shared experience' with berlin-windhoek.

With a change in season, I've tried to experience as much of the city as possible; seeing something new everyday. I've been told that Berlin is not a city to be experienced in the singular but rather as a collective, in all its contrasts. So in the first month I've already gone from being a curry-wurst-eating-uber-tourist to navigating the U-bahn blind folded.

Exploring has become my favourite pastime. I've decided to get to know the city a little better before proceeding to my art. I've explored from Marzahn's Gärten der Welt to the YAAM and the East Side Gallery. Vibey Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg, to the KaDeWe in the West.

I hope that my three remaining months will be part ethnographic, part exploratory but rather more like getting to know a new friend.

Hopefully things will be a little bit more alive on ye ol' blog with adventures in Berlin! :)


  1. Tanya, thanks for the update I have been waiting for your first entry on Berlin! You are blooming and its beautiful to watch! Looking forward to what the next three months of exploring will bring. Much love from Nam.

  2. Lovely! Sounds like life is good and I'm happy to hear that. Berlin is a great city. So happy you're back on the blog!

  3. OMG, you moooooooved there - HOW FREAKING AWESOME!!! Wow, what an opportunity. Wishing you the happiest of explorations x

  4. Thank you ladies! Your comments make this worth it :)


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