Monday, 20 June 2011

The DMY Copy/Culture Symposium

In the beginning of June I attended the 2011 DMY International Design Festival in Berlin.

My absolute favourite was the Marimekko stand and Copy Culture Symposium. Whether or not we realise it, we all engage with design in our daily lives, and the concept of copying has undoubtedly become part of our world, as we are now ever more connected than before.

I've included a few videos in this post to try and really capture the mood of the conference. I really recommend having a look at the lectures presented at the Copy Culture Symposium, some pretty insightful if academic stuff worth debating.

And for the type design lovers, a humours yet earnest 36 minute interview with famed German type and CI designer Erik Spiekermann.

DMY Opening from robertanderson on Vimeo.

Erik Spiekermann's views on copy culture. from Premsela, the Netherlands Platfo on Vimeo.

Aram Sinnreich from Premsela, the Netherlands Platfo on Vimeo.
Appropriation-based art forms, such as sampling, collage, remixing, modding and mashups, have become a mainstream phenomenon in recent years, due to the rapid proliferation of networked computers and devices, and the transition of the cultural archive to digital formats. While many in the business and legal communities frame these emerging cultures as a form of “piracy” or “infringement,” the millions of practitioners have begun to develop a more nuanced ethical framework surrounding these practices. In his keynote, Aram Sinnreich will present new, survey-based research analyzing these emerging ethical codes, and explore their significance for law, industry and society at large.

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