Thursday, 16 June 2011

Marimekko, Chucks and childhood memories

Ok, I'm just going to put it out there.

I've never, ever owned a pair of Chucks... Converse... yes those... Those awesome ICONIC sneakers that most own. But nope not me, not until NOW! And well, the story doesn't really start with hight tops, it starts with a childhood memory of curtains! Huh, what in the heck do the two have to do with each other?! I'll tell you...

As a child my mom always made sure that my sis and I had the brightest funnest most amazing bedding and curtains and I'm sure one of my first sets was from Marimekko, a Finish textile design company famed for their original print designs, bold patterns and bright colours.

Low and behold, when I attended the DMY Berlin International Design Festival two weeks ago, Marimeko had their very own an interactive design stand, where you could make or sew anything including patterns from their 60th Anniversary book surrur.

I was completely mesmerized by the magical table filled with colour and creation, that I couldn't help but feel like a kid back in my awesomely decorated room. I spent about 2 hours there making this little lapel corsage...

Right - back to Chucks. I was thrilled to read this week, that Marimekko have completed a second fall collaboration with Converse titled the The Converse ♥ Marimekko Collection!

“The collaboration between Marimekko and Converse feels so natural,” says Noora Niinikoski, Marimekko Design Manager and Fashion Designer. “Both companies have a strong, unique heritage and have always walked their own paths. There’s something very special about this kind of timeless lifestyle, and I think these shoes are a great example of that.” 

“Celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, Marimekko was born out of the desire to bring happiness to every day. Over the years, famous fashion and style icons have helped establish Marimekko prints to be some of the most recognizable and artistic designs worldwide. The contradictions in the Marimekko patterns create bridges between traditional and modern, urban and nature, much like many of the Converse silhouettes.“ More

It's pretty much a match made in heaven. The sneakers launch on the 23rd of July and YES I will be buying a pair of high tops to satisfy my childhood dreams!

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