Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Intersections in Berlin

So, the time has come to share. To share my work, with friends and viewers from Berlin. As any artist will tell you, showing work in a public forum can be so very daunting. I feel like I need to wear a T-shirt that says: Eeeeeeeep! Yes, set in bold and underlined.

My friend Caroline, the cool cucumber that she is, has assured me:
"I know exactly how you feel but this was meant to happen. Your willingness to expose yourself will have a huge reward! Living life!" Seriously. I think she's onto something there...

The support of my friends, my love and my family has been truly immense. I say thank you everyday. I so wish they could all be here for this! I suppose I'll just have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN in Windhoek right?!

If you happen to be in Berlin, swing by.

Pics to follow soon.

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