Saturday, 10 September 2011

Motherland po·ten·tial

Existing in possibility : capable of development into actuality.

It's been so fascinating watching other Namibian creatives bloom from a distance. I've always felt that being away from home gives you a little perspective...that goes a very long way, to remind you of how truly amazing your Motherland is.

I've encountered a number of young Europeans in Berlin who are so despondent about being young professionals in their own countries, always citing a lack of opportunities as the main reason, yearning to be elsewhere. Strikes in Spain and riots in London, although not comparable all underpin that the current economic climate and social circumstances has not been favourable to us all.  And though I can not speak for others, I have always been of the opinion that should you be granted the opportunity to travel and learn, not dismissing your own hard work and perseverance - it is so important to bring skills home!

I am blessed enough to be in a country where I can make a living from doing what I love. Sharing knowledge and imparting skills can only develop a nation brimming with creative potential. I am very excited to have returned home - seeing how much is happening locally... a forging of new creative alliances, the likes of which I have not seen before! September will bring new beginnings with the warmer days of Spring and regular day time hours, ushering in a new zenith of creative stirrings.

September also deserves a special mention, as it's the first ever Month of Photography for Namibia. I attended the stellar opening event last night and I'm so looking forward to doing a comprehensive post on it including a special feature of two amazingly talented female photographers; whom have me in awe every time I see their work.

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