Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Ah, the bliss of a new year :) To start afresh, new chances, new beginnings and do agains.

I was so very blessed in 2011, meeting my Love, living and working in Berlin, returning home to start my own studio, organizing two amazing [SPOKEN WORD] shows, having my work published internationally - twice, working as part of a film crew on an amazing new Namibian short film, securing my first teaching position and meeting new friends - for life. I am so truly GRATEFUL, thank you.

Here's to living every day with gratitude, love, ease, creativity and joy! May all your wishes come true too.

Happy New Year! Happy 2012!

This wonderful piece of water, colour art created by tigrowna, artist, illustrator and silkscreen printers, who taught me how to do silk screening in her amazing studio in Berlin. It reads: "I wish You a happy new year!"

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