Friday, 21 February 2014

Sneak Peek | Shaping a shared world

World Design Capital 2014 is in full swing, with Cape Town in the grips of yellow design fever.Several projects already in full swing and there's a plethora of design related programs, pitches and presentation underway. (See what I did with the P there.)The first of which is the SHAPING A SHARED WORLD exhibition. A collaborative Arts, Design and Technology Student Exhibition, with students from CPUT and Aalto University.

Among these, is good friend and fellow graphic designer, Clara Schnack. Clara's thesis project Games from the Tree, focuses on traditional African games and how they can be packaged and played outside the traditional context. A great project for aesthetics but also design thinking, in a social, academic and practical context.

The exhibition is taking place in the Homecoming Centre of the District Six Museum, a very special location in it's own right. Here's a sneak peek from earlier today as we were setting up the space. Since, we've broken nails, torn jeans and spent way too much on parking but it's ALL been so worth it. I can't wait to blog about the opening night and share Clara's amazing Games from the Tree thesis project with you. Watch this space - but first - Cape Friends of Calligraphy and Design Indaba.

About the exhibition:

This joint exhibition is an interpretation of the ten megatrends towards 2020. It is based on and inspired by the 2013 exhibition of Aalto University’s annual graduation show Masters of Aalto in Helsinki, Finland, curated by designer Arni Aromaa.  This exhibition responds to the question on “How can we create the future we want?”. It showcases the innovative works from two Higher Education Institutions – one from the North and the other from the South. From two World Design Capitals: Helsinki and Cape Town.

As our world is constantly screaming out its needs and wants, it reveals an endless stream of moral dilemmas, opportunities and tough challenges. How do we make the right call, build the right things or plant the right approach? These are the questions that have shaped our exhibition. The answers from both Aalto University and Cape Peninsula University of Technology graduating students are as wildly diverse as they are on point. Dismantling the false barriers between science, design, art, politics and myriad of other disciplines means arming oneself with formidable resources to transform the world. These students are already shaping the future – and you can see the seeds of revolution right here. From imagine that
Here for the full WDC2014 Calender.

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