Friday, 11 December 2015

A Namibian Christmas | Part 1 - DYI Spiral snowflake

When Martha Mukaiwa asked me to put together a DIY  Christmas feature for The Weekender, my brain went into overdrive. Though being a self proclaimed doer – this year hasn't had much time for DIYing until now. We spent the afternoon talking about creativity, writing, the importance of taking breaks, and making things with your hands.

In this 6 part feature, I've put together a DIY Christmas special inspired by the Namibian summer holiday. This first post is about making a spiral snowflake. It's about 36°C away from snowing but these ornaments look incredible nonetheless. You don't need much, some paper and a few stationery bits. 

I'd love to see what you made so share your images with me via Instagram - tanyaturi or Twitter - @tanya_turi


  • 6 x A4 sheet of normal paper
  • A ruler
  • A pencil
  • A stapler and staples
  • Glue stick
  • Tape 
  • Fish line or thread

1. Place the sheets into a landscape format and fold the long side at a 90 degree angle.

2. Cut off the rectangle, you'll be left with a folded triangle. Unfold to make it a square. 

3. Mark the long edge of the triangle at 2cm intervals using a pencil and ruler.
4. Measure a guideline 1cm in from the start of the triangle traced to the top.
5. Using the 2cm pencil markers, trace parallel lines from the markers to meet with the guideline. 

6. Cut along the lines, stopping at the guideline.

7. Carefully unfold the triangle to reveal a square with equal slits. 

8. Fold together the inner two slits, securing with glue or tape. Use your finger as a support to help create the spacing.

9. Fold the shape over and repeat on the other side with the second set of slits – the spirals will start to form.

10. Continue on each side, always folding the shape over and glue the slits in the opposite direction as the previous.
11. Your final spiral shape will now take this form. Repeat this 6 times until you've made all the spiral shapes. If you like, combine these with additional full snowflake shapes, which you may hang from the ceiling.

12. Final steps – Putting it all together. Carefully staple the bottom of 2 spirals together.

13. Continue by adding a third and securing all three together.
14. Continue with all 6 spirals until you have a full snowflake.

15. To secure the final shape and give it some real structural integrity, staple each spiral to the other about half way. You'll see that the joining outer slits align.

16. Finally, if you'd like to hang up the snowflake, secure fish line, thread or thin ribbon through the second outer slit on one of the spiral corner. Secure with a thumbtack in the ceiling.
I've had some of these shapes up in studio for over 2 years now. They really hold their shape incredibly well and shouldn't set off the alarm when hanging from the ceiling.

Photography by Rémy Ngamije |

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