Friday, 11 December 2015

A Namibian Christmas | Part 4 – Graphic DIY wrapping paper

Add a personal touch to your gifts by making your own wrapping paper. These are inspired by the monochrome trend and Namibia's ekipa handcraft. It's not about being perfect, so explore your creative side and be surprised by what you come up with. A great activity for kids, too.

Using A3 sketch or regular print paper, draw repeating patterns with permanent markers and wrap with a complimentary ribbon.

  • Using two permanent markers of different thickness draw overlapping circles of different sizes or crossed lines in random directions.
  • For an on-trend typographic approach, write a Christmas message from left to right, with each line almost touching.
  • Using Tipex or White-Out, draw patterns and shapes onto black paper or light cardboard. Wrap the present first for a clear drawing area.
  • Explore the haberdashery section of material or stationery shops for fun interesting ribbons or make your own using permanent markers, fabric paint, and a steady hand. 
  • For larger presents, use roles of brown paper. 

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