Links to amazing creative people who inpsire me everday and ones that you'll definitely want to know too:

Aspiring artist, animation enthusiast and graphic designer with a piano keyboard and ukulele. Theme night friend

Guitar hero, skateboarder, sketch artist, poet, otaku, bum, thief, poet, science enthusiast and musician.

 Miss Clara
Graphic designer by day, graphic designer by night

Caroline Loves...
'My right index finger has always been rather trigger-happy and when given the chance it will snap, snap, snap until I have snapped the life I see around me onto an image.'

Film  and casting Director. Loves things creative for one purpose:
to restore destiny

siân ashleigh rice
chef. vegetarian. adventure. love.

[Spoken Word]
Amazingly talented Namibian Poets, Lyricists, Thespians and Musicians 
The word was spoken before it was written. WORD!

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